Flat Belt Conveyors & Belting

Flat belt conveyors are a handling system that operate using continuous belts to transport products or materials from A to B. They transport products in a similar way to modular belts, but tend to be more heavily used on straight runs, where as modular can be utilised on bends and turns. 

Flat belt conveyors are frequently used in material handling applications such as food, packaging, logistics, agriculture + many more industries. Flat belt conveyors come in lots of different belt materials depending on the application specification and requirements. PVC or Polyurethane (PU) tend to be the most widely used materials due to their cost effectiveness materials used within manufacturing. This is because they can be supplied endless and fitted by most engineers themselves without the requirement of buying their own vulcanising equipment or using a third party. 

Depending on the application, materials can be supplied in different PLYs to improve the durability of the conveyor belt, and can have various different textures, guides or flights to ensure the application is suitable for your requirements. 

Belt conveyors tend to be powered and can be operated at variable speeds depending on the intensity of the task. They’re able to be operated in various different ways including straight running, or can be inclined too.   

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Examples of Flat Belts Conveyors