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Conveyor Belts

R&D Supply supports it’s customers with heaps of logistics conveyor belts every month. We’re able to support with light loads, all the way up to heavy duty goods that may require plenty of space for objects to pass meaning we have the ability to produce belts up to 3 metres wide if required.

Typically, we find out logistics customers tend to prefer PVC conveyor belts, however we’ve got an extensive range of belts to suit the application including sprocket driven plastic modular conveyor belts capable of handling very large and heavy loads and can be adapted to include additional features such as high grip friction inserts to carry up inclines or down declines.

We pride ourselves on customer service and speed. Therefore we offer an expediting service to our customers, meaning we’re able to react exceptionally fast should you encounter anything urgent that requires our help.

We’ve over 30 years of experience within the conveyor industry, so we’re always on hand to provide you with support and guidance if required.

24 / 7 Emergency Support

We're available for emergency call outs and fitting if you experience a breakdown or conveyor belt failure. We pride ourselves on our speed and reliability, and offer same day conveyor belt production and fitting if required. 

For general enquiries, please contact any member of our servicing team on the below contact details;

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Phone: 01772 439 088

Email: support@rdsupply.co.uk