Wire & Metal Conveyor Belts

We have a range of styles and specifications of wire and metal conveyor belts to meet the requirements of your application and help to improve your processes.


Our Wire or Metal Conveyor belts are multi purpose making them ideal for high temperature applications. They can be provided with looped or welded edges and can be adapted to suit your requirements.


Examples of Wire & Metal Conveyor Belts


  • Wide & Narrow Spiral Link Conveyor Belts - ideal for straight tracking, durable & hard wearing, and are easy to connect


  • Loop Joined Wire Conveyor Belts – a strong build and durable belt, that’s great for moving heavier goods, that tends to be used for straight runs.

  • Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts – these are a great & affordable wire belt for carrying lighter items or products and are simple to connect.

We’re a reliable and recommended brand in the conveyor industry, our aspiration is to understand your requirements and provide you with the best solution for your application.


In addition to Wire and Metal conveyor belts, we offer flat belt conveyor belts, PVC & PU conveyor beltsmodular conveyor belts, timing belts and much more. Our support is utilised within industries including food, agriculture, logistics, textiles and much more.

24 / 7 Emergency Support

We're available for emergency call outs and fitting if you experience a breakdown or conveyor belt failure. We pride ourselves on our speed and reliability, and offer same day conveyor belt production and fitting if required. 

For general enquiries, please contact any member of our servicing team on the below contact details;

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Images of Wire or Metal Conveyor Belts