Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts

Plastic modular conveyor belts are an alternative to flat belt and chain conveyors. Modular belting is made up of individual plastic modules that are usually linked together by a joint rod on the underside. They're more commonly used in conveyor applications that require bends and curves, but can be also used for straight runs too.


They can be manufactured in short or long segments and in a range of widths. This enables the modular conveyor belt to operate smoothly and efficiently around bends whilst maintaining a level surface to support the item that needs to be moved along.


There's never one size fits all, and Plastic modular conveyor belts can be tweaked and adapted to cater for your specific needs and requirements depending on your industry. They're able to be supplied in numerous different types of plastics to ensure they're fit for purpose and doing the job correctly and compliantly. They're also supplied and can be fitted with flights (to help carry products up or down steep surface) and hold down tabs to ensure they run flat around bends where necessary.

In summary, plastic modular conveyor belts tend to be far easier to manage than chain conveyors due to them being less maintenance-heavy and are a much simpler solution to maintain. 

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Examples of Plastic Modular Conveyor Belts